Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hamilton Lakes Neighborhood Assn board seeks to preserve beauty of HL, opposes rezoning request

In its summer 2010 bulletin, the Hamilton Lakes and Parks Neighborhood Assn. announced its board "unanimously agreed that it will be the policy and practice of the HLP Board to oppose non-residential zoning in the old town limits of the Town of Hamilton Lakes."

Furthermore, "the Board intends to advise the Zoning Commission of its position on the pending zoning request. The Board encourages its members and area residents to make their opinions known to the HLP Board and the Greensboro Zoning Commission."

The Hamilton Lakes neighborhood is composed of about 1,900 homes and is bounded by Green Valley Rd to the East, Friendly Ave. to the North, Market St. to the South and Henderson and Staunton to the West. The neighborhood was once the town of "Hamilton Lakes," until it was annexed by the city of Greensboro in 1957. But its treed beauty and reputation as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Greensboro was protected by a moratorium on any rezoning within its borders for 50 years. That protection expired in 2007.

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