Thursday, July 15, 2010

Zoning Commission to hear rezoning request for Friendly/Holden corner Sept 13, 5:30PM; City Council Chambers

Keep your yards signs up & fingers crossed.

Go to official website for details.

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Anonymous said...

This delay is nothing to be optimistic about. These high-powered attorneys do this work on a regular basis and often know in advance of a rezoning request, if it is going to be controversial. They will take that into account in the initial development plan. Now they can present a "different" plan at the hearing and show how they have "compromised" in order to take into account the neighbors, when most likely the first plan was nothing more than a throw-away. In the mean time, they will listen carefully to us and learn from our arguments against rezoning and can be better prepared at the next hearing. My opinion is that this attorney group is probably the best in town for this type of work. Seriously! We will be going up against the big guns!!!!