Monday, September 13, 2010

Zoning Commission votes 7-1 to reject rezoning request at Friendly-Holden corner

Congratulations to all presenters from the No Rezoning committee on your professional, succinct and persuasive arguments! Well said. Well done. Many thanks!

And thank you Greensboro Zoning Commission for your wisdom and foresight.

more details on the meeting later ...

[It was ironic, if not bizarre, that representation for the property owner scoffed at our group's firmly held belief that this rezoning would have a domino effect in our neighborhood, while in the next breath they argued the presence of other nearby office buildings helps justify the rezoning of this property. We were even told to "look in the Yellow Pages, the Junior League is listed as an 'office'."]


starmount resident said...

Wow one wonders at the breadth of the arrogance of the representative for the petitioner for the change.

One applauds the efforts of the residents of the neighborhood and the thoughtfulness of the zoning commission.

Onward to the inevitable battle at the council level. Bring on the protest petition!

But really, look at the yellow pages????? Yeah that is a good way to decide a zoning issue.......Thanks for keeping the blog updated.

Sonya said...

I am saddened by the ad hominem attacks over the years against my dad regarding this issue. I am praying that civility will be restored as I fear for the safety of my parents. I know what I would do with the property and my dad has always told me that wouldn't be right even if it is zoned for that. My dad has given so much to the community and many of you have treated him as the anti-Christ. It breaks my heart. There are many unpleasant things he could build there under current zoning and he has chosen not to do that, caring more for the neighbors that have been kind over the years and choosing to do the right thing instead of being a callous developer.

No slamming my parents for my comments just make them to me as I will give you my e-mail. I will not post Anonymously as many have done here and other places.

Sonya Johnson Pusey

Barbara said...

Sonya, certainly yr dad has nothing to fear from members of the norezoning group. I've never worked with a more polite, civil group of people. I understand immediate neighbors were very unhappy thru the years because the property was not well maintained--but they certainly don't appear to be a violent bunch either!

This struggle isn't personal. We don't want to see commercial creep cross Friendly Ave. This is our home. We believe we're protecting the quality of life here.

And no matter who "wins," please don't take revenge!!!