Tuesday, August 14, 2007

July 23 Update distributed by Save Our Neighborhoods

Save Our Neighborhoods

Starmount Forest

July 19, 2007 Update

This is a summary of the latest information regarding the rezoning at the corner of West Friendly and Green Valley Road.

  1. In May 2007, the Starmount Company moved forward with a proposal that would dedicate a portion of the land to include the existing structure and grounds for the permanent offices of the Junior League and the remaining portion to be held in perpetuity by the City of Greensboro and/or such other land preservation agency for a public park or open space.

2.On July 11, 2007, the Parks and Recreation Commission voted unanimously in favor of accepting the land donation for use as a park with the name Blanche Benjamin Sternberger. Many members of our neighborhood committee attended the meeting, and we expressed unanimous support for the proposal.

  1. Next: The Junior League will accept the gift of house and land. They will likely request a rezoning in September to allow office use, and then begin renovations.

The park proposal and rezoning must be accepted by City Council, and this could possibly happen in October.

Our neighborhood must stay informed.

We have hired an attorney to assist with remaining items:

  • Some conditions of the proposal should be included in the deed:

1. The Junior League could, in time, sell their property but only to a successor non-profit, which would be a like non-profit. The deed would include language to insure this.

2. The proposed park will be "passive park”, as defined by the Parks and Recreation Department. This passive park wording will be indicated in the deed.

  • Our attorney will request and review all documents from Starmount Company.
  • We would also like to review plans for the Junior League driveway, parking lot, and lighting.

Our legal fund still needs donations.

We are thankful to Starmount Company for their generous donation and remain very hopeful for a positive outcome. However, we want to insure the proposal goes as planned, especially as it pertains to the legal documents. We will remain intact and diligent as long as necessary.

Many thanks to those who have already donated! Over the past few months, our committee collected about $5800 toward legal and other expenses. We have approximately $2000 remaining in the account.

- -

Please consider a donation to insure that we save our neighborhoods.

There is more work to do, and we need donations to make it happen. We have set up a bank account in the name of “Save Our Neighborhoods – Starmount Forest.” Donations can be mailed to either Jay Harris (215 Homewood Avenue) or Nancy Deaton (3002 Madison Avenue).

Please make a donation today. Your check will be your receipt. Cash should be hand delivered, and you will receive a written receipt.

All contributions are confidential.

Thank you for your continued support.


Save our Neighborhoods Committee

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