Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reminder: Meeting is today, Sunday Aug 29, to see revised plans

An email from the organizers:

Reminder of the No Rezoning meeting today, Sunday 3:00PM @ First Lutheran Church on Friendly, to review the revised plans--they are quite different but still call for business zoning.

There will be a sign-up sheet for all in attendance to show numbers of concerned neighbors--to both the attorney and zoning commissioners.

See you there.

Betty & Alan Atwell


Kara Hadley said...

Hi, I'm a student from Guilford College and an editor for our paper. I have a writer who is looking to do an editorial on all this hooplah and I was wondering if you would possibly be open to answering some questions.

StarmountForestDweller said...

Hi, Kara -- definitely have the writer contact the heads of the hooplah--Alan or Betty Atwell via the email address I'm sure they'll be happy to be interviewed. thx!